Who is Who

Stefan Duizer

Birthdate: 24 October 1971

Profile: Relaxed and easy going person who enjoys working with a small team to improve processes. Works structuraly and excercices a coaching style.

From 1997 onwards working experience in the area of quality management, hence broad experience with the implementation of quality management systems en processes.

Curriculum (current first):
2014: Philips Healthcare - QA consultant - Advise on the integration of Quality & Regulatory compliance within processes.
2013: Nucletron/Elekta - Supplier Quality Teamleader - Supplier management process improvement.
2012: Neways Industrial Systems - QA Teamleader - Supplier and customer quality improvement.
2010: B/E Aerospace - Supplier Quality Engineer - Supplier management process improvement.
2008: LG Electronics - Process improvement regarding statistical forecasting and direct shipments.
2005: Philips Medical systems - Product- and manufacturing engineer MRi scanner. Process FMEA and Supplier management
2003: Philips Medical systems - Quality officer Cardio Vascular Hard- and Software development - Spec reviews and CMM2
2002: Philips setup box - Quality manager. Implementation of S&OP process and improvement teams.
1997: Acer - Quality manager. Implementation of ISO9001.

Education / trainingen: